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Lockback KnifeLockback Knife – Hot
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LaserGifts continues to bring its retailers amazing high quality product with an amazing value. The Lockback Knife is an incredible tool for your customers and great margin producer for you. At 7 9/16” when open, the stainless steel partial serrated blade makes this a durable tool for any outdoorsman, handyman or adventurer. The easy-open thumb flip aids in one hand opening. An attractive wood insert within the handle is the perfect place to engrave your location. The personalized program comes merchandised on a beautiful rotating oak display. Call LaserGifts today for more information on this fantastic seller!

Rosewood Multi-Purpose ToolRosewood Multi-Purpose Tool
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Experience incredible margin and sales velocity through the addition of the Rosewood Multi-Purpose Tool Name Program to your retail space. This high quality tool is triple varnished for a glossy finish. Packaged in a square tube to provide maximum exposure to your customer, revealing your location graphic and the market’s strongest brand – your customer’s own name! A proven sales performer that will quickly move into your top ten.

Home PlatesHome PlatesDownload HiRes PDF

Here is a unique souvenir that fits everyone from across the world! Styled after North American license plates, LaserGifts has created luxe plates for twenty four countries. Brilliantly designed and printed in a metallic finish, these metal plates call out the pride of each country. Key locations and icons of the country make an excellent look for the home, office or auto. Assortments can be created to fit regional demographics. Display options include wire rotating racks, hanging slat wall display, or oak floor display. Additional design coming include more countries and all 50 states! Give LaserGifts a call for more information.

4D Lenticular Bookmark4D Lenticular BookmarkDownload HiRes PDF

Better than 3D! LaserGifts is the first manufacturer to personalize the lenticular phenomenon through the addition of popular names, initials, and titles. Features the patent-pending QR code technology that directly links to NameFacts.info where customers instantly learn fun facts about their name. Give your customers quality and value while earning high margins for your store.

iPhone CasesiPhone CasesDownload HiRes PDF

LaserGifts has taken the iPhone® and dressed it up with the most attention grabbing lenticular designs on the market. The iPhone® is by far the most prevalent smart phone used today. Now you can tap into that market with LaserGifts iPhone Cases for the 5/5s models. There are over 100 three dimensional and flip designs to choose the ones that fit your market. Your location or logo can be UV printed on the product to help your customers remember their trip every time the phone rings. With a competitive retail and great margins, Lenticular iPhone® cases are sure to be one of your top sales performers. Call LaserGifts for all the details!

Eco-Friendly Bamboo PenEco-Friendly Bamboo PenDownload HiRes PDF

Get eco-friendly with renewable bamboo. Featuring a standard Parker® type refill, this ballpoint pen lasts a lifetime. The elegant natural finish is complemented by a chrome-finished clip and accents. With every new name program purchased, LaserGifts adopts a panda from the World Wildlife Foundation on your behalf.

Pocket Nail FilePocket Nail FileDownload HiRes PDF

Beauty on the go! Trendy package includes 12 mini nail files to shape, smooth, and shine. Two inch case slips easily into purse, gym bag, or pocket. Oak rotating space saver display to optimize sales per square foot in your retail setting. This unique novelty concept has women coming back for more as files are used and given to friends. Use the appeal of your customer’s own name to shape up sales.

Solar Powered Key RingsSolar Powered Key RingsDownload HiRes PDF

Don’t miss out on the profits from the best-selling souvenir of all time! Flashes for up to 10 years and never needs a battery. Non-stop blinking action immediately draws consumers in. This patented key ring is customizable with the addition of a colorful label to the second side depicting your souvenir location. An unmatched sales record makes the Solar Powered Key Ring a true favorite across all demographics. Consistently appearing in retailers’ top sales performers means you can count on this program to boost your store’s profits for years.

Solar Powered Zipper PullSolar Powered Zipper PullDownload HiRes PDF

Turn one square foot of space into an incredible profit center. This smaller version of the best-selling souvenir of all time maintains a low retail price to encourage multiple sales. The SolarMini name program offers one of the largest selection of sayings and titles available to cover a wide demographic. Similar to the Solar Flashing Key Ring, this patented zipper pull can be customized with the addition of a colorful label to the second side depicting your souvenir location.

Novelty Mini-FlaskNovelty Mini-FlaskDownload HiRes PDF

Have some laughs with our Novelty Flask! Here is a tongue-in-cheek product that upholds the LaserGifts tradition of quality construction. This 1.5 ounce stainless steel flask comes with a carabiner clip for easy on-off attaching to key chains, purse, backpacks or any number of other places. The center medallion depicts popular names, initials, and sayings that are sure to catch your customer’s attention. Available in both silver and pink highlights, there is one to fit every adult’s playful spirit.

Flashing Personalized ToothbrushFlashing Personalized ToothbrushDownload HiRes PDF

Makes brushing an event! Loaded with special features including FDA approved DuPont™ Tynex® bristles, easy storage suction cup, and timed LED flashing. A unique consumable product that keeps customers coming back. This reasonably priced name program makes entry into the personalized category easy.

Rosewood Key RingRosewood Key RingDownload HiRes PDF

The timeless appearance of rosewood equates to a name program that generates revenue for decades. The elegant, rich look of the natural wood coupled with the chrome plated trim appeals to both men and women. This double sided souvenir will feature the custom graphic or text of your choice. Experience multiple turns per year as customers purchase several units to bring home as gifts for family and friends.

Rosewood, Maple, and Bamboo PenRosewood, Maple, and Bamboo PenDownload HiRes PDF

Customers love LaserGifts ball point pens because they make useful gifts and last forever with a standard Cross® type refill. Available in rosewood, maple, or bamboo, these personalized pens have a high perceived value and produce great profit margins. Laser engrave the second side of the pen with the custom graphic or logo of your choice. Hanging box packaging protects the pens’ integrity while deterring theft.

Multi-Wood PenMulti-Wood PenDownload HiRes PDF

Experience unbelievable sales per square foot with a Multi-Wood Pen name program from LaserGifts. Display comes with three different styles of pens, each with its own unique combination of inlaid wood pieces. Distinctive, natural look coupled with 22 karat gold plated trim accents immediately attracts customers’ attention. Ball point pen takes a standard Cross® type refill, and it is packaged in a clear hanging box. Don’t miss out on the most stylish and popular pen name program on the market.

Metal Pocket ToolMetal Pocket ToolDownload HiRes PDF

Make your home improvement tasks more colorful with the Metal Pocket Tool. Features 8 useful stainless steel tools including: scissors, file, knife blade, flathead screwdriver, and a ruler. Durable aluminum casing protects tools inside and is available in pink, purple, black, and blue. Slim, square shape and large key ring allows for easy transport when you’re on the go. Proven sales record at a variety of retail locations testifies to the item’s wide appeal.

LaserLine Aluminum PensLaserLine Aluminum PensDownload HiRes PDF

This plunge action ball point pen is a favorite among teens all the way up through senior citizens. The range of colors and slim barrel design make for a popular purchase among customers. Takes a standard Parker® type refill and comes in 6 assorted colors. Laser engrave your logo or location name on the second side of the pen to make it special souvenir. Packaged in a clear hanging box to keep your display organized.

Changeable Heart PendantChangeable Heart PendantDownload HiRes PDF

Changeable and collectible heart pendants! This program is a unique opportunity that makes add on and return sales easy. Here is your high sales velocity and great margin opportunity. This patented necklace allows your consumer to change her jewelry with her mood or style. The name program comes with popular names, initials and fashion styles. There is something for everyone!

Black Anodized Multi-Purpose ToolBlack Anodized Multi-Purpose ToolDownload HiRes PDF

Building on the solid success of the Rosewood Multi-Purpose Tool, LaserGifts creates another high demand, high profit opportunity with the Black Anodized Multi-Purpose Tool. It’s sleek casing is home to six different tools including: screwdrivers, bottle opener, knife blade, and a can opener. Customers can’t resist the ultra-cool look of this slim tool that fits easily into a pocket.

Key Ring Pocket ToolKey Ring Pocket ToolDownload HiRes PDF

Meet the winning name program that started the souvenir knife legacy at LaserGifts. The rosewood Key Ring Pocket Tool features chrome-plated tools including a knife blade, scissors, and file. This small, functional tool allows for a large number of the most popular names, initials, and titles so that you are covering an enormous demographic. A customer is bound to find a special souvenir treasure designed just for them on this stunning display.

Maple Baseball Bat PenMaple Baseball Bat PenDownload HiRes PDF

Step up to the plate and score a home run with the Maple Baseball Bat Pen name program from LaserGifts! Generates grand slam profits with its exceptionally high turn rate. Every sports fan and kid at heart is drawn to this beautiful display. Handcrafted from select maple wood pieces, the bat handle twists on and off to protect the ball point pen.

Black Key Ring Pocket ToolBlack Key Ring Pocket ToolDownload HiRes PDF

Another exciting addition to the LaserGift Multi Tool line! The Black Key Ring Pocket Tool is equipped with 3 stainless steel tools: Nail File, Scissors, and Phillips Head Screwdriver. Durable Hi Tec Black Anodized Finish allows for clean crisp laser engraving. Engineered for carrying during travel, this pocket tool is already becoming a LaserGifts Best Seller. Your traveling customer can safely carry this tool onto public transportation! Our attractive oak floor display is an excellent merchandising tool for this personalized program. Call LaserGifts today to learn more about this incredible margin maker!


These cute and lovable characters pack a special surprise that has made everyone smile without fail. Give a Squeeky a squeeze and experience their own special whistle while they stick their tongue out! Everyone loves Squeeky! Appropriate in your toy, gift or collectible departments, Squeeky come as four colorful characters in a 16 piece counter display. The special “Try Me” packaging grabs your consumer and makes them want to take these guys home! Call LaserGifts for all the information on these great lovable characters!

Super Jumbo PencilSuper Jumbo Pencil

Here is a really big idea that created really big sales for our retailers! The Super Jumbo Pencil is made from real wood with a real eraser and real graphite point. It really writes! Merchandised in a 12 piece counter display, you can take it out of the box and begin selling in seconds. There is plenty of room to pad print your location on this great big souvenir. Call LaserGifts today to add some really big sales to your store!

Pet BoutiquePet BoutiqueDownload HiRes PDF

The pet industry is a $52 billion a year business. No doubt about the love between a pet owner and his or her pet. Now you can grab your share of the pet business and the heart of your customers. Our pet boutique display is a ready to sell floor display featuring 5 different products: Mugs, Coasters, Notebooks, Mini-Pens and Key chains. Our display features the top 24 breeds of dogs and cats for the highest appeal to customers. Additional products include Air Fresheners and Lenticular Bookmarks. Check out the fantastic designs in all our products, find your favorite breed and contact LaserGifts for more information!