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2021 was one of our BEST tradeshow seasons in years!

Here’s what we heard at the shows:

  • Customers are gearing up for success in 2022 by planning ahead and getting orders in NOW
  • Buyers are taking deliveries as soon as possible as inventory delays will continue to plague manufactures into 2022
  • Customers are not afraid to SPEND! Most orders saw MULTIPLE rack placements!
  • Price increases are happening across the board with most manufacturers



The number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline. The number one reason for an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect every day, every day, every day.

Check out the Jeb Blount Podcast – LISTEN NOW!


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In this episode of The Sell or Die Podcast, we discuss how the lessons you’ve learned in the past help lead you to success with every sale in your present. Check out the SELL OR DIE Podcast – LISTEN NOW!

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And….. Legacy Knife is King!

  • Customers are seeing amazing success with our premium Legacy Knife and they’re spreading the news!
  • We had buyers walk into the booth ASKING for this program!!

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Don’t forget to share our 2022 Special Offers with customers right away!

Get orders in the queue now to ensure a timely delivery!

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LG Special Offers 2022 Flyer 12-22-21 R.png


Remember to check the backrooms before writing orders! With the limited staff and increase in business many locations have found orders NEVER placed out on the floor resulting in too much inventory. This will affect your commissions if we have to bring it back so MAKE SURE you check for orders that haven’t been placed on the floor BEFORE placing a reorder!

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Due to the high demand at shows, manufacturing challenges and transit delays we will NOT be shipping additional new samples of new products until we can ensure stock levels.

New programs placed at the shows will be filled, and replenished.

Contact us for questions!

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This is specific to HIGH VOLUME customers and should be pre-approved. We will have a new ‘cage’ or hookset available for the Legacy Knife. This cage will hold up to 4 deep.

Cages will be available as of March 2022

IMPORTANT! DO NOT overload racks. We cannot be held responsible for credits if the customer becomes concerned about overstock!

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Although Inventory levels are improving, we do anticipate challenges in 2022.


  • Don’t delay in sending orders! They are processed First In/First Out
  • We will continue to reduce qntys on certain items, as needed
  • Orders with TBD are OUT OF STOCK – please be sure to check your order acknowledgment emails
  • We will continue to provide updates on stock levels as they become available. Please watch for emails from our customer service team!

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