Why Choose Name Programs?

If you're looking to maximize profits in 2 square feet with personalized items your customers will love, then look no further than the high volume, high profit programs from LaserGifts.

"LaserGifts provides me with top quality products that I can use to sell to my customers. The Name Programs are my best selling items and everyone that comes into my store loves them! I will be a lifelong customer"

-Kanav Mayawala, Gift Shop Owner

"Year after year, LaserGifts delivers high profit products and I'm so happy with the level of serview they provide as well!"

-Kenny Raghani, Buyer

"Lasergifts souvenir products provides us with the opportunity to give our guests a lasting memory."

-Mandy Dudley, Aquarium Buyer

Why Name Programs?
➤ Everyone's favorite brand is their own name!
➤ A customer is attracted to merchandise that has their name or the name of a loved one
➤ Personalized items are perfect for that gift that says, "This is just for you"
➤ Personalized products = multiple sales "People will buy more than one name as gifts"

Higher than average profit margins
Outstanding retail sales per square foot

Custom to You at No Charge
➤ Location specific artwork

A Valued Partner
➤ Products sold on a guaranteed exchange
➤ Competitive buy-outs available to eliminate stale name programs from your store
➤ Continuous product development in order to provide you with the best selling name programs in the souvenir market

Higher than average profit margins
Outstanding retail sales per square foot

Customized service to meet your needs
Regular in-store service to ensure continual replenishment
Reorders shipped in 3-4 working days

Dynamic point-of-purchase materials to accommodate your needs
Fixtures to accommodate in-line, end-cap, or free-standing situations

Year-Round Programs
Personalized products are a proven year-round business
Seasonal promotions capture additional sales and profits