Black Multipurpose Tool


Building on the solid success of the Rosewood Multi-Purpose Tool, LaserGifts creates another high demand, high profit opportunity with the Black Anodized Multi-Purpose Tool. It?s sleek casing is home to six different tools including: screwdrivers, bottle opener, knife blade, and a can opener. Customers can?t resist the ultra-cool look of this slim tool that fits easily into a pocket.

Black Multipurpose Tool


Floor Display

Code Pieces Per Hook Total Pieces Price Each Display Cost Total Cost Total Hooks Names Initials Titles Custom
BMTF2 2 720 360 268 20 64 8
BMTF3 3 1080 360 268 20 64 8
BMTF4 4 1440 360 268 20 64 8

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Code Description Price Each Minimum
BMT Black Multi-Purpose Tools

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