Rosewood Keychain


The timeless appearance of rosewood equates to a name program that generates revenue for decades. The elegant, rich look of the natural wood coupled with the chrome plated trim appeals to both men and women. This double sided souvenir will feature the custom graphic or text of your choice. Experience multiple turns per year as customers purchase several units to bring home as gifts for family and friends.

Rosewood Keychain


Floor Display

Code Pieces Per Hook Total Pieces Price Each Display Cost Total Cost Total Hooks Names Initials Titles Custom
RKRF2 2 864 432 360 27 37 8
RKRF3 3 1296 432 360 27 37 8
RKRF4 4 1728 432 360 27 37 8
RKRF5 5 2160 432 360 27 37 8

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Code Description Price Each Minimum
RKR Rosewood Key Ring

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